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But why did they cross the road is the question.


Cats do not like fruits


my brother paused a water gun advert on this guy and im. cr yign at the results.


Please Stop Feeding Bread to Waterfowl

Feeding bread to wild ducks is incredibly harmful. Bread has almost no nutrients that are useful for the duck, so they become malnourished and more susceptible to disease. Compounding the problem is that excessive bread left in the water will rot, which leads to high levels of E. coli and even botulism outbreaks. Wild ducks need to stay wild, and artificially feeding them causes them to lose their natural instincts for acquiring food.

If you want to feed captive waterfowl, consider chopped vegetables, whole grains, or fruit instead.

Read more: NY Dept of Environmental Conservation

Photo credit: Cengland0

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homie laughed himself asian

Currently fighting that dreaded internal spoonie battle.

  • Voice #1: "I have so much shit I should be doing"
  • Voice #2: "But it hurts so bad to move"
  • Voice #1: "But you said you would try to do this today"
  • Voice #2: " I know but I just want to go back to sleep!"
  • Voice #1: "I need to prioritize my what I should do"
  • Voice #2: "Pain! SLEEP!"